4 Concept Phone Designs Certain To Appeal To Your Geeky Eyes
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4 Concept Phone Designs Certain To Appeal To Your Geeky Eyes

Our top picks for concept phone designs which we are very sure are going to be liked and appreciated by a majority of you are:

1. Leaf Concept Phone : Well, it works exactly according to its name. Just as a leaf derive it’s energy from the sun, this concept phone is going to do the same. It is going to charge itself by harnessing solar emery obtained by the sun with the help of solar cells attached to its front panel. One advantage of this phone is that you won’t have to fret about having a low battery on your phone, given its bright and sunny outside.


2.  LG EXO: Designed by designer Benjamin Lotte, this smart concept phone is based on a very groovy idea, the human skeletal system. Just as the human skeletal protects its organs with a strong skeletal framework, this smart phone protects its internal hard drive with the help of a high strength polymer exoskeleton. It also has an external rubber skin to protect its outer coating. Now, this is what’s called a resilient creation.


  3. LINK: Well, this device is my personal favorite. This smart concept phone comes with all the features that you could ever ask for in a smart phone. It’s a very genius amalgamation of a cell phone, Web browser, media player, GPS, downloadable content, bluetooth, Wi-Fi and a high speed Internet connection.

With LINK, the user won’t have to go through the ordeal of purchasing a new smartphone once newer and better technology becomes available, the consumer will just have to update his smart phone, he will just receive a new LINK in his mail when the next generation of hardware has arrived. And what happens to the previous LINK? Well, that gets harvested for valuable and reusable parts.


4. Mechanical mobile: Designed by designer Mikhail Stawsky, this concept phone possesses a very cool idea of creating energy for charging its battery. The phone is basically charged with the help of something that looks like a stress ring and all the user has to do is turn his fingers around it until it has been fully charged. Well, sounds like a pretty innovative idea for a smartphone.


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