Best Apps For Android Interface(UI) 2017
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Best Apps For Android Interface(UI) 2017

Android constantly makes changes to improve itself, but one thing that always, more or less, remains the same is the applications used in Android interface. You can also checkout some awesome mobile games. And today we bring to you a few of the best applications you can have on your android devices which are absolutely free and of top notch quality in terms of features and working.For great music experience checkout these headphones. 

Here are our top picks :

  1. SwiftKey Keyboard :


SwiftKey Keyboard is one of the most popular and powerful applications for android on the web right now. There are plenty of customized third party keyboards available on the app. It came out a few years ago and has made a lot of improvements since then. It has also managed to stay at the most popular apps list since then. It’s absolutely free on in-app purchase with the feature to download themes for it as per the user’s desirability. Its other specifications include : a dedicated number row, SwiftKey Flow which allows the user to gesture type, multiple language feature, cross device syncing of library and a lot of other benevolent features. Although, the app has now been bought by Microsoft, but its features still remain intact and strong. 

      2. Pocket :


Pocket is more of a power user application, but it’s an application that anyone would practically recommend to anyone. This amazing app lets you take any webpage that you’re viewing and save it so you can see it later. This is great feature to use when you’re reading a great article or if there’s a super funny meme that you want to share with you friends, you can just save that link and view it later at an appropriate time. It’s extremely easy to use and works just fine with the news applications such as, Flipboard and other social media apps like Facebook and Twitter. You can also share your saved links from pocket to other apps and what’s the best thing about it? It’s free on in-app purchase. Plus, it also has browser extensions so you can use it on your PC and laptops as well. 

        3. LastPass :


This is a very strong app, which is always a step ahead from the others and from where we see it, every smartphone user should have this app on their device. LastPass is basically a password managing app. It came out a while ago and with its recent update LastPass has made mobile use absolutely free with a premium subscription service charged for syncing from mobile to desktop and vice-versa. This app is a very handy and useful app, since now a days, we log into every site user our smartphone devices. LastPass can safely save all the passwords and keep them safe and secure all the while auto-filling passwords for sites and applications that you regularly use. It also has a feature of password generator which allows the user to create passwords which are so hard, they are almost impossible to crack. All in all, this is one of the best and a must have mobile application on the play store right now and it’s free. 

       4. The Google Drive Suite :


Google Drive Suite is a cloud storage solution for all the android users. It’s free on in-app purchase and provides 15GB of memory space to every user that signs up on it. You can even buy more space, if required. It has a list of android apps that are attached to it namely : Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Sliders, Google Photos, and Google Keep. The office apps Docs, Sheets and Sliders can be aptly used for maintaining office files, the Photos app can be used to store unlimited photos and videos with back up. The Keep app can be used for note taking and note making. There are also other apps, in terms of productivity, that you can use to do anything that you wish to. Some of the smart features of these apps include, live collaborations, deep sharing, and good compatibility with a Microsoft Office documents.

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